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With a focus on high-quality training, the objective of TDC Director Lisa Hammer has been the same since the studio’s inception in 2010.


That is, to provide exceptional, industry-standard training with a focus on technique, artistry and physical ability. The overall program has been designed with currency and industry relevance in mind, ensuring that every teacher, class and lesson is geared towards producing highly capable, well-rounded performers.

Our studio is at the forefront of dance and performance training in Melbourne, Australia.

TDC is the place where passionate and dedicated performing artists come to learn and grow. Regarded by many as Melbourne’s leading training facility for aspiring performing artists, TDC has an indisputable track record of being the key stepping stone for many talented performers.





Lisa Anne Hammer is the dedicated and passionate Director of The Dance Company. Coming from a background of gymnastics, acrobatics and performing arts dance training, Lisa launched The Dance Company in 2010 to allow her to create and develop students using her own unique training methods and program structures. It has also allowed her to develop a training environment that genuinely cultivates technique, artistic ability, performance, work ethic and teamwork.

With the unwavering support of her husband, fellow dancer and Co-Director Andrew Dowton, the school has grown year-on-year in student numbers, class offerings and training / performance opportunities.


With an Honours Degree in Child Psychology, Lisa is not only passionate about children and the performing arts, but has the ideal blend of experience, academic training and knowledge, to get the very best out of each and every TDC student.

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